Basic English Patch

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This patch contains the basic translations needed to play the game:



This patch will be updated with our translations after every maintenance.
Make sure that you have checked your files and that you are using the patch which corresponds to the date of the latest PSO2 update.
If you have any issues (or notice lines that should be translated but are not) then contact ACF (ACF#2138) at our Discord Server (or add as a Friend and send a DM).

All Patches (Descending)

Patch Info (MM/DD/YY)

12/20/17: Added a new file relating to newer Trigger Quests.

09/06/17: Added a new file relating to Buster Quests.

07/26/17: The manual patch appears to be compatible with Episode 5. Contact me if there are any issues.

05/10/17: Turns out that around half of the files from the Large English patch don't even exist anymore.

05/05/17: Added in smaller files that were included in the old Large Files patch.

05/02/17: Initial patch in the format of PSUMods using our translations.