Emergency Quest Notifications

Discord Notifications

You can receive Emergency Quest, Daily Order, Bumped, and PSO2 Reddit notifications directly to a channel in your Discord server by adding our Discord bot. These notifications will show all emergency quests for all ships and will display the Daily Order rotation when it changes.


Click here to add Kongou to your server and follow the instructions that were sent in a private message to the owner. You can choose which notifications to enable if you do not want Bumped/Reddit.

Browser Notifications

You can now receive Emergency Quest notifications directly to both Chrome and Firefox on all the platforms these browsers support (including Android!). Due to a lack of user configuration, these notifications will show all emergency quests for all ships.


Head back to the main page and click on the red bell icon at the bottom right. If you use an ad-blocking extension (such as uBlock) then you may need to whitelist this site to see it.

Desktop Notifications

PSO2 Alert is a Windows Application designed to display both the next Emergency Quest (up to three hours in advance for scheduled, one hour for random) for your selected ship, as well as the Daily Order rotations. You can have the application start with windows, change the notification position, change the time format (24 or 12 hour), and select a WAV file to be played (with optional quiet hours).

Troubleshooting & Bugs

    PSO2Alert.exe and ApplicationUpdater.exe (PSO2Alert's updater) are both unsigned which can result in false positives from Antivirus software. You will need to add exclusions if this happens.

You can contact me to request support, report bugs, or request new features.


PSO2 Alert (version can be downloaded by clicking here.
You can run the Application from anywhere as it does not require an installation.


    Gama - For the skin the application uses
    Tyreek - For all the lovely EQ icons
    SynthSy - For Emergency Quest and Daily Order translations