PSO2 Alert

Desktop EQ Notifications

PSO2 Alert is a Windows Application designed to display the next Emergency Quest for your chosen ship. Simply download it below, run it, select your ship (Ship 2 is the default), and let it sit in your tray until an EQ announcement arrives. It'll pop up a screen with the EQ Title and information on when it starts.
Originally created by AIDA the application was handed over to ACF to maintain and update with new functionality. Updates are released when required, either to fix bugs, update EQ icons, or to add requested features.


    Choose which ship to listen for
    Choose any WAV file to play when an EQ is announced
    Start with Windows
    Up to three hours warning for scheduled EQs
    One hour warning for non-scheduled (random) EQs
    A further warning 15 minutes before the EQ starts
    Quiet hours to disable notifications during this time-frame
    Multi-monitor and corner position support
    24-hour or 12-hour clock display

If you have any ideas then please contact me.


    None reported

If you are encountering a bug then please contact me.


    The Application (PSO2Alert.exe) is unsigned and may get flagged by Antivirus programs as a false positive
    The Updater (ApplicationUpdater.exe) is a generic updater I use for multiple Applications and may get flagged as a false positive
    You may encounter a server error due to your Firewall and/or Antivirus

Report false positives to your Antivirus and add exceptions if you have any issues.
You can contact me on Discord for live support.


    Windows 7 or higher.


PSO2 Alert (version can be downloaded by clicking here.
You can run the Application from anywhere as it does not require an installation.

Latest Changelog

    Added an icon for the new EQ and updated another for an older EQ.
      Made changes to the API connection code for an upcoming server-side change.


      AIDA - For the original application
      Gama - For the skin the application uses
      Tyreek - For all the lovely EQ icons